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The subject - release agents - is as differentiated as the complete plastics industry with its diverse nuances.

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Whether thermoplastics,duroplastics, PUR foams, or Elastomers - the correct release agent is a decisive factor in a problem-free and cost-efficient production.

We develop and make products individually to customers requirements and tailor-made to the specific production conditions. Our questionnaire for the selection of release agents helps us to prepare a solution for your release agent problems. Or simply send us an E-mail.

After performing initial trials in our laboratory in order to select for you the most suitable adjustment, we can then make the matching necessary tests on site in your production plant. The risk of production disturbances are thereby minimised and the quickest optimal adjustment found for you. Our quality management system, that stipulates a comprehensive documentation of all details, and also guarantees a constant quality for many years in the sub-sequent production, already takes effect in this phase of operations.